Pre-K and School Age Children

Shepherd’s Gate Campers will experience an exciting

summer filled with activities that will encourage positive

interactions between their peers and counselors.




Shepherd’s Gate is located on 200 acres on the Private

Grounds of St. Josephs in Brentwood. Our Facility includes large classrooms, a full gymnasium, baseball and soccer fields, bike paths and an organic garden.


What Do Children Do At Camp?


Campers will prepare each week for a themed talent

show ranging from a Science Fair to an Olympic

Field Day that will be held each Friday. All

Campers will have the opportunity to participate in

break dance, Art & Fashion, Kids Choir, Drama, as

well as many other activities. At the end of the

Camp, the kids will be able to show off their hard

work and dedication in our final talent show that will leave them with a feeling of confidence and pride in what they’ve accomplished.


Field Trips:


Every Wednesday, campers will experience field trips

to places like Adventureland, Sunken Meadow

St. Park, and Fun For All.


Our Philosophy:


We understand that children and families are faced with many challenges today and it is our mission to provide kids with an environment that promotes confidence, compassion, and understanding and we hope that each child leaves Shepherds Gate with a desire to succeed and the confidence to believe that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to.