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Before and After School Program

Working parents need to feel that their children

are in a safe and family oriented environment.

This is Shepherd’s Gate highest priority.

Hard working parents can only work hard if they know that there children are being cared for and  nurtured in a safe and enriching environment.


Shepherd's Gate was  created to give parents that peace of mind and to give  children a  fun and exciting  place to come after school  and take part in a wide variety of activities . Such activities include gardening, animal care club, dance, arts and crafts, homework assistance, gym, outdoor sports, ukulele instruction, choir, and much more.


Shepherd's Gate Before and After-School Program is a fully licensed program and we are continually growing and changing with current practices and trends in child care through training and workshops while staying true to the beliefs and principles that makes our program stand out from the rest.  

Ana Torres,

Director and Founder of Shepherd's Gate


Before School Information

The Before school program provides a comfortable setting where the counselors first priority is to ensure that all of the children are able to start their school day off on the right foot! Counselors provide quiet boards games, book clubs, academic enrichment clubs, arts & crafts and other low tempo activities that will keep children engaged and excited while they wait for their school bus.


Parents have the option to either have their children eat breakfast at home, send it with them each day, or leave a breakfast item that will last them for the week, (ex. Cereal and milk) in our walk-in refrigerator which the counselors will serve to them each morning.


For those who have extra energy in the morning, counselors will provide children the opportunity to participate in dance classes and visit the gymnasium for some light activity .

After School Information

The Goal of the After-School Program is to provide a safe place for children during the after-school hours where they can grow socially and academically. Parent’s are able to work  with the peace of mind knowing that their children are being cared for with the highest of quality.


Children will be exposed to many new and exciting areas of enrichment that they may have never had the opportunity to experience otherwise. These enrichment areas include:

Lambs Corner”  Children’s Animal Farm

At Lambs Corner, children will participate in a hands on learning experience with caring for animals including goats, rabbits and chickens, and gardening in our organic children’s garden. They will be led by educators who’s main goal is to take what is being taught in the classroom, outside, and continue teaching in a setting where students can put science, social/emotional education, literacy, and many other areas of learning into real life practice.

Homework Room

It is our highest priority to ensure that each child completes their homework each and every day while at Shepherd’s Gate either in their classroom or in our homework room.  Although we do not provide one to one tutoring, counselors will help each child to understand their assignments so they will be able to complete their homework with the best chance for success.

Sports and Recreation

 Shepherd’s Gate boasts over 200 acres of property with baseball fields, playgrounds, and wide open space for children to participate in activities such as soccer, football, archery, golf, volleyball, bike riding and many other traditional and non-traditional sports. Children will also be able to use a full size gymnasium daily for sports such as basketball and badminton as well as a place to ensure daily activity will be possible even in inclement weather. All sports and recreation activities will always be led to promote good health, develop positive interpersonal skills, and will give children the opportunity to learn how to be a good team player and a leader.

The Arts

Children have many likes and interests that they know of, and many times that they have not discovered yet. At Shepherd’s Gate we strive to expose our children to as many areas of the arts as possible including dance (hip hop, Latin, ball room, etc.), choir, instrument lessons (ukulele, percussion), video production, theatre, sculpting, painting and many other areas of the arts. Not only will children be able to practice and enjoy these areas of the arts, but they will have the opportunity to display these talents at our many shows throughout the year.

Experiences in Science

Lambs Corner will give children many opportunities to experience science through nature such as basic animal anatomy and veterinary care as well as understanding and practicing basics in horticulture. Head counselors will also plan fun and engaging activities that will bring out the scientist in all children through rocket building and experimentation, volcano projects, basic robotics, and many other areas of science that are age appropriate to each group.

Bi-Weekly Themes

Every two weeks, the After-School program will have a program wide theme. These themes include multicultural appreciation, science, going green, Olympics, Talent week, and much more! These themes provide an excitement and buzz for the children and counselors and are used to ensure that each day is filled with as many exciting and diverse activities as possible. Parents will receive a monthly calendar which will outline the themes, activities and events for the month.

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