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Summer Camp Policies

Tuition Payments

Full tuition payment for July and August are due no later than June 1st. We do not accept weekly or daily payments.

Late Pick –up Policy

Children picked up after 4:00PM  will be charged $1 for every minute late, payable within 24 hours.


Children with a fever over 100 degrees may not stay in camp. If a child becomes ill, he/she must be picked up immediately. Only sickness where a child is out for a full week with a Doctors note can be granted credit. No credit is ever granted for a partial week of absence. After a three day absence due to sickness, a child may return ONLY with a doctors note.

Medical Forms

All children must have a physical and immunization form within the past year on file prior to their child’s first day of camp.  Camp director must be informed at the time of registration, any special medical conditions, allergies and medications that their child may have.  

Camp Rules

 Camp T-Shirt must be worn everyday!


 These Behaviors Will Not Be Tolerated


  • Hitting   

  • Cursing  

  • Bullying   

  •  Disrespectfulness  

  •  Fighting

Violating the above rules will result in suspension or permanent program dismissal. Depending on the offense, unsafe conduct towards one self or anyone else, can result in immediate dismissal. We encourage parents to assist the counselors in safety rules enforcement and in promoting healthy social qualities like sharing and being sensitive to the feelings of others.  Expelling a child is a difficult and painful experience for everyone involved. We resort to this extreme measure only after working with the parent and it becomes clear that the child needs and expertise beyond the scope of our program.

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